Golden Opportunity for holiday lettings in Scotland

With Scotland’s infinite tourism rise, there has been a swelling demand for holiday lettings throughout Scotland, especially in the Northern Highlands and pristine West Coast Islands. 

According to VisitScotland’s Tourism Statistics, from Q1- Q3 in 2019, hotel occupancy decreased by 73%, and Bnb / Guest House’s increased by an incredible 54%. With an increasing number of second homes throughout the country, not necessarily used for vacation rental, these figures openly indicate the opportunity for holiday-letters to expand, and existing lets to experience higher occupancy rates and greater revenue.

In our view, the effects of the global pandemic will be long-lasting and boost the popularity of "staycations" and ignite national sentiment for all things local and beautiful.

Tourism is an important underpinning and vibrant sector for the Scottish economy. Holiday lettings not only benefit your bank balance but also provide a consistent input into the local economy, creating jobs, and second homes. This all contributes to providing an unforgettable Scottish experience for wayfarers visiting our lush, adventurous country.

Rather than staying in a chain hotel, providing travellers with your own wonderful home as a short-term let, it provides a more personal, individual experience. One can get involved in this vibrant market through investing in a new property to rent such as a cottage lodge or grand house, or simply begin advertising the second home that you already own which is all set up and ready to go. You can see one of our beautiful holiday lets below.

Book this stunning, historical home near Loch An Eilein in Aviemore here.

In order to succeed, here are a few ways to get your rental right:

1) Resources: You will need hotel quality linen, management and cleaners, as well as reliable tradesman, and plenty of engaging information about things to do in the area.

2)  Availability & Flexibility: As a host, guests will expect you to be on call 24/7 to respond to any potential queries, questions or maintenance issues that emerge from the moment the guest books to when they depart. Most travellers will most likely just be in the area for a short break or getaway and so will expect things to be dealt with quickly. 

3) Time: Managing your Short Term Rental is no different from managing a residential let - it can be extremely time-consuming. To become successful, this can be in line with a full-time job. From marketing your home, handling bookings, communication with guests, to continuous reviewing of pricing strategies and managing contractors.

The solution to solving these issues is easy! Leave your precious home in reliable and trustworthy hands by contacting a professional outfit like ALTIDO. We have over 20 years of hospitality reputation in the great cities of Europe, and now we are expanding to the breathtaking countryside through our brand Coast & Country.

When a short term-let is listed and managed by a professional outfit, it engenders trust and guests instantly know they’re receiving the high standard they’re looking for. 

As Scotland has become far less seasonal due to its increasing tourism, there is no better time than now, to start that journey today and become part of the Vacation Rental community.

Give yourself that financial freedom, make the most out of your asset, and begin earning that effortless second income by allowing ALTIDO to let you live the life you dream of.

Find out how much you can earn through your holiday let by contacting our Scotland Business Development Manager today - [email protected]